[Air-l] Re: politics of engines

Adrian Miles adrian.miles at uib.no
Tue Jun 11 01:16:35 PDT 2002

At 12:01 -0400 10/6/02, Nicole Isaacson wrote:
>Perhaps the list can give me some suggestions for discovering more about the
>politics and ideological approaches of specific search engines.  I'm familiar
>with Hargittai's work on channeling content online as well as Introna and
>Nissenbaum's research on the general politics of search engines. 
>However, does
>anyone have any knowledge/references about the specific ideologies 
>and politics
>that affect how search engines such as google, excite, goaskjeeves and yahoo
>index particular web sites?

jill walker http://cmc.uib.no/jill has written a short paper for this 
years hypertext conference on the politics of links and search 
engines. she has info about this on her blog.

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