[Air-l] Final Schedule, Media Ecology Association Convention, June 21-23, 2002, NYC

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June 21-23, 2002

Hosted by the Communication Arts Department
Marymount Manhattan College
221 East 71st Street (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues)
New York, NY  10021


--Would you like to spend a coffee break debating the ideas of
Marshall McLuhan, Walter Ong, Lewis Mumford, Susanne Langer, George
Herbert Mead, or Neil Postman?

--Is the history of technology and the culture of those who use it as
important to you as how it is currently being used?

--Are you interested in exploring orality and literacy; print media,
television, and the Internet; language, culture, and consciousness, or
media ecology education and policy; technology and information

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider joining us for
the Third Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association at
Marymount Manhattan College.

Keynote speaker Elizabeth Eisenstein, author of The Printing Press as
an Agent of Change, will address "Old Media in the New Millennium."

Featured presentations by Leonard Shlain, author of The Alphabet
Versus the Goddess, and Donald Theall, author of The Virtual Marshall

Special film screening: McLuhan's Wake, by Kevin McMahon.


The Convention is open to 2002 MEA members only.
2002 membership dues may be paid when registering.

Convention Fees:
US $40 On-Site Registration
US $30 On-Site Student Registration

Membership Dues:
US $40 2002 Membership (through December 31, 2002)
US $20 2002 Student Membership (through December 31, 2002)
(Membership dues include annual subscription to our print journal,
Explorations in Media Ecology (EME), and our newsletter, In Medias
Res, both published biannually.)

The Convention schedule, directions to the Marymount Manhattan campus,
and a list of hotels in Manhattan are available online at 

Questions? Contact the Convention Coordinators:
David Linton & Laura Tropp
Communication Arts Department
Marymount Manhattan College
221 East 71st Street
New York, NY  10021-4597

<Ltropp at mmm.edu>, <laura.tropp at nyu.edu> (alternate)



8:30 Main Lobby
Registration Opens

9:00-9:30 Theatre
Introduction and Greetings
David Linton - Marymount Manhattan College
Laura Tropp - Marymount Manhattan College
Lance Strate - Fordham University

9:30-10:45 Great Hall A
Session 1 - Panel
Moderator - Celeste Fisher - Marymount Manhattan College 

There is No Easy Way to Say This: The Mao Era as Hypertext
Susan Jacobson - Marymount Manhattan College

The Internet Discourse on the Other: Remembering Japanese Colonialism
in Korea
Dong-Hoo Lee - Incheon University

The "Majestic" Game: Interactive Media Environments and a New Turing
Damian Ward Hey - Hofstra University

Technology and Contingent Conditions in Community Formation on the
Joyce Y.M. Nip - Hong Kong Baptist University

11:00-12:15 Great Hall A
Session 2A - Panel
Moderator - Peter Fallon - Molloy College

Information Technology and the Technology of Information
Irene Berkowitz - Temple University

The Devil in Dr. Frankenstein: Pornographic Technological Evolution
Marc Leverette - New York University

Communication by Theft: The Acquisition and Use of Intimate Capital
John L. Locke - New York University

A.N.S.W.E.R.: Community Video and Media Ecology
Kevin Howley - Northeastern University

11:00-12:15 Great Hall B
Session 2B - Panel
Changing Media Environments After 9/11
Moderator - Raymond Gozzi, Jr. - Ithaca College

Raymond Gozzi, Jr. - Ithaca College

9/11 and My Favorite Market in the UAE
James Piecowye - Zayed University

Media Portrayals of Muslims: Positive and Negative Aspects
Raymond Smith - Iona College

War and Peace in the Global Village: Updating McLuhan
James C. Morrison - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

12:30-1:00 Theatre
Featured Presentation
Moderator - Cliff Jernigan - Hofstra University

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