[Air-l] Wanted: Chapter about copyright & the internet, for 'Web.Studies' book

David Gauntlett david at theory.org.uk
Thu Jun 20 08:27:42 PDT 2002

(This will be the last of these 'wanted' messages
sent to the list -- touch wood. Thanks to AIR-L'ers
for letting us fill a few gaps in this way).

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We are editing the second edition of the book
"Web.Studies: Rewiring Media Studies for the Digital
Age", and we are looking for someone who is able to
write a chapter about issues of copyright and the
internet (*not* including music because we have a
separate chapter on MP3s and the music industry).

If you have researched this topic and can send
us an outline of what you would include in such
a chapter, please do. The piece should be
3,500-4,000 words and written in an
accessible, introductory style, suitable for
undergraduate students.

The chapter would probably discuss how the idea of
copyright has been affected and challenged by internet
users, maybe taking in some case studies of alleged
copyright infringements and the subsequent legal

A basic introduction to what's legal and what's not
-- perhaps in the form of a separate text box --
would also be welcome.

We welcome any suggestions for useful and
engaging chapters, though.

If you are someone who could do this -- and have it
written by 15th October 2002 -- then please get in touch
with us (email david at theory.org.uk). If you can forward
this to anyone you know who might be able to help, please
do. Thank you very much.

You will receive a reply in the first week of July.


The first edition of "Web.Studies" was published in
August 2000. Several reviewers have described it as an
"excellent" introduction to new media issues for students
of media, communications, cyberculture and cultural

The website about the book (first edition) is at:

The publishers, Arnold in the UK and Oxford University
Press in the USA, have asked us to prepare a Second
Edition for publication in August 2003.

The first edition was edited by David Gauntlett (me).
This time around I have invited a co-editor aboard --
Ross Horsley, also based at the Institute of
Communications Studies, University of Leeds.

The second edition of the book will be a combination of
substantially updated versions of the best chapters from
the first edition, plus several all-new chapters.

The target audience is primarily undergraduates, but of
course we would expect postgraduates, academics, and
interested other people to learn something from it too.

You get a small fee for writing the chapter -- for 3,500
words it would be UK £35, which is around US $52.
Obviously that's not much, but most academic journals
pay zero, so this is much better (!).

Contributors are likely to be academics or PhD students.
If you think you can provide the kind of chapter we are
looking for, please send a short summary of who you are
and what you would be able to cover.

Of course we will be happy to answer any questions that
potential writers may have.

Many thanks

David Gauntlett and Ross Horsley


Dr David Gauntlett // david at theory.org.uk


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published by Routledge on 17 July 2002.
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