[Air-l] Wanted: Human subjects to interview at 3.0 in Maastricht, Holland

Denise N. Rall denrall at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 30 20:03:09 PDT 2002


I'm trying to get some university funds to pay for my
trip from Australia to Internet Research 3.0 in
Maastrict, Holland. They have funds available for
research, not for travel! So I am appealing to all of
you for help.

I am looking for 4-5 willing subjects for one-hour
taped interviews re: disciplinarity of programs in
Internet Studies. I realize that this is a lot to ask
in the middle of a busy conference.

Below is my "bio" so you know who you're talking to:
Denise Rall has a MA in Comparative Literature from
the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she applied
methods from Levi-Strauss's structural anthropology to
the romantic German novel of character development
(bildungsroman). Thereafter she began a career as an
application specialist for academic computing centers
at the UW-Madison, Purdue University, and Northern
Arizona University. In 1994-5 she studied theories of
human information processing at Purdue, and
consolidated her reading in human-computer
interaction. In 1997, she found herself studying
organizational bureaucracies in the developing world
through the analysis of computerizaton in a forestry
research institute in Ghana, West Africa. After a
brief stay on the island of Amercian Samoa, Rall
migrated to Australia in 1999.  At Southern Cross
University in Lismore, NSW, she has worked in computer
support, online courseware development and as a casual
academic before starting a Ph.D. in the School of
Education to explore disciplinarity in Internet
Studies. Her most current paper: "Testing
hypothesis-testing: Taking Sir Karl Popper's erroneous
trial for a spin on the WWW" critiques the scientific
method as a way to test information for validity that
is aquired through web search engines.

Thanks! Just reply if you're willing to be interviewed
about what you think Internet Studies should be.

Denise Rall, drall at scu.edu.au
School of Education, Southern Cross University
PO Box 157, Lismore, NSW 2480 Australia
Phone: +1-61-2-6624-5497 Fax: +1-61-2-6624-8637
Mobile 0438 233 344

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