[Air-l] Evaluating websites

Dorine Andrews dca4 at georgetown.edu
Tue Jun 4 10:03:17 PDT 2002

I would suggest the rather "hands on" book World Wide Web Marketing:
Integrating the web into your marketing strategy.  It provides a foundation
for non-profit and business website use.  Have your class focus on answering
two key questions in addition to all the usability aspects:

1. Who is the audience for this website and is it designed to attract that
audience and be used by that audience?
2. What is the communication message of the website "overall"  what
environment does it create and how does the design to meet strategic
organization communication objectives?
Hope this helps.  Also have a raft of other references under my course
"Marketing and the Internet" on my website listed below.
Good luck, Dorine
Dorine Andrews, DCD
Research Professor
Communication, Culture & Technology Program
Georgetown University
email: dca4 at georgetown.edu or (202) 784-4338

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