[Air-l] Beyond Rethinking International Co-operation between EUROPE & Latin America

Paolo Manzelli lre at unifi.it
Wed Jun 5 09:50:51 PDT 2002

Beyond Rethinking International Co-operation between EUROPE & Latin America

Premise for implementing the MoU of the Intenational NETWORK -

  To all potential partners

  of  the Project @LIS on   e.Learning in a cultural diversity on the issue
“SKILL SHORTAGE” for   developing contemporary KNOWLEDGE DRIVEN ECONOMY.

  Dear colleagues and friends,  starting with the debate that will be
  necessary for developing a Shared Memorandum of Understanding of the
  network of partners  I would like to underline the following key
  challenge that will be the fundamental aim of the "SKILL SHORTAGE"

  As a matter of facts a key challenge of contemporary transition
  industrial society towards knowledge driven economy is the
  skill development .

  To develop educational strategies in internet to focus this general
  need of the developmental networked economy , is becoming a world wide

  need to grow up a  model  and units of  "networking e.learning"
  (Net-Learning)  on the general issue “SKILL SHORTAGE” for developing

  Starting from different economic and cultural point of view, among
  Europe and Latin America Countries , that will constitute the richness

  for the complex solution of this developmental problem, we consider a
  great contribution to overcome some conditions of the contemporary
  increasing of depressed economy around the entire ,  to develop a
  “Networking e.learning pilot project” on the issue “SKILL SHORTAGE” to

  enhance the quality of  intellectual “e.workforce” of the Information

  The initial proposal of the LRE-EGO-CreaNET of the University of
  Florence  will be focused on the strategic alignment of “e.workforce”
  the  economic development of  "Networked Knowledge Society", by means
  common effort to create new career opportunities in the context of
  permanent education methodologies and strategies of Net-Learning for
  “e. workers”  at all skill levels .

  To develop skilled “e.workforce”, as well as a catalyst to  economic
  sustainable co-operative development , we suggest to initiate debate
  following  short list of  issues that can be  necessary to start  to
  elaborate the MoU and after the pilot  project @LIS in a shared  of
  knowledge  development

  1) Scenery of Society Driven Economy
  2) Open Net.learning for the virtual community international
  3)   Net-Learning models of lifelong learning of e.workforce
  4) Educational design and interactive use of  net.learning platform
  5) Knowledge Management for Enterprise &Human Resource development
  6) e.Working  planning in an international context of  net.learning
  7) e.Quality Methodology and indicators of collaborative assessment
  8) Working&Business Plan  of the Pilot Project

  I suggest also to see a before proposed by LRE/EGO-CreaNET MODEL of
in  : http://www.see.it/blues/

Because of the dimensions great dimension of @LIS  proposal on
e.learning in
a different cultural dimension need  in principle to understand  certain

net-learning in
a  not localised international context of  sharing knowledge.

Therefore starting from the previous issues , in order to explain
net-learning in the cyberspace, LRE-EGO-CreaNET think that it will be
necessary to redefine what
the learning approach is and what kinds of infrastructure should we

In fact the net-learning activities in the cyberspace took place as a
mode of
learning by networking and navigating in a non-linear fashion, which is
different from the
old version of "e.learning long-distance activities" finalised to
pre-defined disciplinary contents.

Net-learning is an interactive creative endeavour  developed in a not-
fashion. Therefore for a pilot program @LIS of Net Learning, that would
to respect
and improve  different cultures background it will be  mandatory to
reconstruct the obsolete "e-learning" technology  practices.

Essentially in the net -learning theory we must provide a framework for
understanding how the learners develop a research & development on SKILL

selecting , editing  and organising on the WWW the digitalized
into new creative shared knowledge.

Therefore we need, during the description of Pilot Project WORKING PLAN,
develop an "net-learning theory" , going to result to develop a new
models ,
methods and strategies of net- learning by  navigating in the
cyberspace; as
a matter of facts it  is too easy to understand that  Net-learning in
cyberspace is quite
different to the traditional long distance transfer of contents and we
to study a new approach for NETWORKING e.LEANING , following the change
the Technology Driven Economy to the Knowledge Driven Economy.

For developing a good pilot project probably we need to reply to some
questions as well as the following :

How can we define what, better solution for Net-learning, can be
promoted in
the digital context of  the proper country for developing SKILL BUILDING

opportunities  ? How can we set out net-learning strategic approaches to

lifelong education in a different cultural international dimension ? How
the net-learning
very complex enterprise contribute to the ways in which learners
approach to
learning to overcome SKILL SHORTAGE of intellectual "e.workforce"
to a co-operative sustainable KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY all over the world ?

The above asking questions can be given a result for the premise of  MoU
digital net-learning pilot project @LIS on SKILL SHORTAGE open to a very

space- extension  and different dimensions of many cultural contexts of
experiencing into a net-learning international situations.

  If you like to start to this open debate to the above or other issues
questions that you kindly would propose to the Forum debate , you can
  forum http://www.edulab.it/egocrea/ Using the password    PMEGOCREA
the languages:   English or Spanish or French or Italian or other...
that we
tray to

  Finally I would like to ask to all colleagues and friends in the list
this mail that would like to be effective partner to the “networking
e.learning” SKILL
  SHORTAGE @LIS Pilot project to send to me a brief letter of intent  by

traditional surface Post  to my address written in the head paper of
  institution, enclosing a brief profile of your institution.

  In this letter of intent that you need to send to me approximately
the 30/JUNE-2002 , you  will to specify that you would like to
participate as
well as an
  interactive partner  to the “networking e.learning” SKILL SHORTAGE
Pilot project” proposed by the LRE-EGO-CreaNET of the University of
  Italy and you will add a brief comment about your role in the pilot
project  development, with the indication of the name e.mail and phone
of the
Co-ordinator of
  the Pilot-Project in your Institution .

  Thank you very much for your kind co-operation . My best regards Paolo



   Director of LRE  // EGO-CreaNET

    PAOLO MANZELLI <LRE at unifi.it>

  Education Research Laboratory / EGO-CreaNET
  Via Maragliano 77 -50144 - Firenze - Italia

   Tel//Fax.:+39/055/332549 ; handy GSM ;+39//335/6760004

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