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Ronald E. Rice rrice at scils.rutgers.edu
Wed Jun 5 18:31:11 PDT 2002

Also, there are chapters (with references to prior academic web site
evaluations) on evaluating health web sites in
Rice, R.E. & Katz, J.E. (Eds.) (2001). The Internet and Health
Communication.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
Rice, R.E. & Atkin, C. (Eds.) (2001). Public Communication Campaigns, 3rd
ed.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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> Subject: [Air-l] Evaluating websites
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> Dear all,
> An increasing number of students at our department are interested in doing
a project in which they want to evaluate the website of a particular
organisation. The criteria I want them to look in doing so at are not only
strictly technical, but have to take into account communicational aspects as
well (e.g. with regard to the information that is presented and how is
presented: readable-clear-transparant-trustworthy etc).
> So far I have come up with a small number of Dutch references that address
these issues; I often refer to Jakob Nielsen's work and a number of Internet
references (sometimes rather 'obscure' websites of small companies or
individuals) and that is about it.... Does anybody have further reading
suggestions on this?
> I'll be glad to send the results of my query back to the list!
> Joyce Lamerichs
> Communication and Innovation Studies
> Wageningen University

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