[Air-l] Re: politics and ideology of search engines

Eszter Hargittai eszterlists at netscape.net
Thu Jun 13 13:38:43 PDT 2002

What bloggers do even more often than link to each other is link to third-party sites and articles using particular terms.  The resulting link popularity can significantly contribute to a site's popularity (not the blogger's but an outside site's popularity via results of searches on the particular terms).  This phenomenon has been called "googlebombing" by some. See this article for more details:

Google Time Bomb:
Will Weblogs blow up the world's favorite search engine?

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Nancy Baym wrote:
>There was an interesting article recently in salon.com about blogging 
>distorting google. The author argued that bloggers tend to link to 
>one another's sites significantly more than normal, so blog sites are 
>more likely to have lots of links to them than other kinds of web 
>pages. Since google ranks your hits at least in part by how many 
>other pages link to a site, the argument is that blogs are likely to 
>show up much higher in the search results than other pages, with the 
>possible social consequence of granting bloggers increased 
>prominence/credibility in public discourse.

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