[Air-l] icann

Steve Jones sjones at uic.edu
Thu Jun 20 17:52:45 PDT 2002

For the most part the decision was based on AoIR's mission (see 
http://aoir.org/goals.html) not including such involvement. AoIR's 
members can, and should, be engaged in whatever interests they have, 
of course. But as an organization (and one that has to operate within 
the constraints of educational non-profit status precluding political 
lobbying and activism) it was deemed outside the mission's scope to 
formally engage with ICANN.


At 7:47 PM -0500 6/20/02, braman wrote:
>could the executive committee please share with the
>aoir membership the reasons for deciding not to get
>involved with the icann decision-making process?
>thanks --
>sandra braman
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