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anthropology for me as an American cultural anthropologist is
the study of the shared ways of organizing reality...
while sociology refers more to social/political organization but
I should also note that there is a difference in European (read Social
Anthropology) and American definitions (read Cultural Anthropology) ---
and in the end such difficulties with distinctions are part of why my social
science field is a tad insecure and sees perhaps a waning discipline
(certainly true on American campuses)....

my two cents,
Muraco Kyashna-Tocha

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> Dear All
> I'm in the process of reviewing different perspectives on online
> communities. As someone from a sciences/psychology background, I would
> much appreciate a definition of the distinction between anthropology and
> sociology in this area. From what I've read so far, and on a very basic
> level, it seems that anthropology would focus on the differences amongst
> people - their shared values and meanings - in different communities;
> a sociological approach might be more interested in the structures, social
> order, etc within different communities.
> Can anyone point me to an appropriate article, or suggest a definition?
> Thanks for your help.
> Rachel
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