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lakhani at mit.edu lakhani at mit.edu
Fri Jun 28 10:11:30 PDT 2002

i would highly recommend that you "roll your own" survey instead of relying on 
the pre-packaged variety.  i have run over 4 web based surveys (n =200 - 
800/survey) and found that you can do wonders with a smart undergraduate who 
knows perl and html.  all my surveys were password protected and generated 
unique id's for the participants.  it is then a trivial task to create a comma 
seperated values file that can be inputted into any database or stats package.  
you can even create a reports page that would give upto date summary statistics 
on the data.



Quoting Berquist at uts.cc.utexas.edu:

> A few months ago, there was some discussion about online
> surveys--particularly 
> regarding methodology and design.  My question is more practical--can anyone
> recommend software to design a web-displayed survey that will easily capture
> data into a backend database? I've looked at SPSS Data Entry (TM), but would
> like to receive recommendations from others who have completed web-based 
> surveys and are pleased with the software they have worked with.
> Thanks,
> Lon Berquist
> Telecommunications and Information Policy Institute
> The University of Texas at Austin
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