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IMHO, it should be an MS when the field or work is scientific, and an MA
when it isn't. I tried to get my department to offer an MS in Sociology, but
it would have required an act of the state legislature.

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> Dear Members:
> I dare to ask something on the margins of this list.
> We at our university have to invent Master Programs that are
> internationally comparable. That means here in Austria we are
> moving from national to international systems and naming.
> Due to a lack of tradition we struggle with the meaning of MA and
> MSc programs. We cannot distinguish precisely what makes up the
> one or the other. Our field is that of New Media, Telematics,
> Knowledge Management - thus more on the production and management
> side. We found several programs out there that cover more or less
> similar contents and courses but are named MA or MSc without any
> comprehensible reason. Some colleagues are opting for MSc as the
> default label for our programs but I'm not so sure about that.
> Thanks for listening
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