[Air-l] The Dire State of the AoIR List

David Neice neice at kw.igs.net
Thu Mar 7 07:34:54 PST 2002


In the space of a year the AoIR list has gone from being mildly 
interesting to being almost unreadable. I am not the only one who 
is noticing the deterioration. 

In the interests of communication I suggest we:

1) Learn to use our email options and preferences. If an Internet 
researcher used the AoIR list as an unobtrusive indicator of the 
'technical knowledge' of Internet researchers, their conclusions 
would be dire.

2) Refrain from posting HTML, Word .doc (and other word 
processor) files as well as MIME files. JUST PLAIN ASCII 
PLEASE. ASCII file convertors are available for most word 
processors. Also please check the options list re ASCII in your 
email program.  

3) Limit the recent trend towards posting 'brain farts',  personal 
attacks, and comments intended for one other person. THIS IS A 
PUBLIC INFORMATION LIST. Please email personal comments 

4) Actually think about what we post, and, in particular, assess 
how useful will it be to a wide range of list members. Idiosyncratic 
commentary and unedited streams of consciousness are pushing 
the noise-to-signal ratio way up.

david neice    
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