[Air-l] The Dire State of the AoIR List

Denise Carter denise.argent at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 8 08:04:41 PST 2002

" Most of us,
 probably all of us, already have means of filtering e-mails in
 numerous ways. I would prefer to have AoIR neither sanction nor
 censor expression."

my primary method of filtering emails has always been by subject..... but
subject headings seem to have gone the way of those in academia...no more
plain labelling that nicely coincides with those keyword searches..but
instead...a rather catchy title that has little or nothing to do with

my secondary method works better.......i check who has posted the message,
and based on prior readings from them i'm sometimes guilty of just deleting
them...unless i'm in the mood to be amused, annoyed or entertained and
then...I just might read them

and now a thought comes to me...what if everyone on the aoir list has read
my previous postings and is now deleting me unread?......see how easy it is
to add to the noise!!

denise carter

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