[Air-l] Text-Mining Technology

Karla-Tonella at uiowa.edu Karla-Tonella at uiowa.edu
Fri Mar 8 08:24:09 PST 2002

Possibly a research tool some on this list might be interested in....

Company Claims Text-Mining Technology Can Spot A Lie

The software maker SAS Institute says it has developed a text-mining 
system that allows large quantities of text to be scanned, 
categorized and analyzed. And, SAS says, it can spot a lie - 
literally - from a thousand miles away.

Although originally developed to allow firms to speed up the rate at 
which inbound e-mail and letters can be processed, SAS said it has 
discovered the technology also can be used to tackle a wide variety 
of situations in which a writer is acting fraudulently or lying.

more at http://www.techknowtimes.com/jump/v5i9008.html

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