[Air-l] digests and kill files (was: The Dire State of the AoIR List)

Bram Dov Abramson bda at bazu.org
Fri Mar 8 10:13:39 PST 2002

denise.argent at ntlworld.com:
>my secondary method works better.......i check who has posted the message,
>and based on prior readings from them i'm sometimes guilty of just deleting
>them...unless i'm in the mood to be amused, annoyed or entertained and
>then...I just might read them

Like most air subscribers I read the above message as part of a 
digest, which got me thinking ... has anyone seen any individual or 
organisation get into providing digesting services?

Example: the digest-service offers air-l, perhaps on my request. 
Thus instead of subscribing to air-l I'd subscribe to the 
digest-service's version of air-l.  (And, I guess, the 
digesting-service would help me subscribe to air-l as a 
receive-no-messages subscriber in order to allow me to post.)

I say this, of course, because it seems like the unbundling of 
list-management and digest-management might be a positive thing.  For 
example, it would make sense for digest-managers to develop a 
capability for personal kill-files, which is currently incompatible 
with a digest.  And which, as traffic on this list grows, would be 
increasingly handy.

(It would also help e-mail lists from becoming dinosaurs next to the 
really great functionalities being integrated into Web-based boards. 
Which, for those who like how e-mail works and how digested e-mail 
lists work, might be a happy thing.)


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