[Air-l] A list that better fulfills an internet research mission.

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Fri Mar 8 10:26:55 PST 2002

While I agree that there is a possibility of a split for a list like 
this, as we have all seen many times before. I think the purpose of this 
list(air-l) as the primary list of AoIR community is its key 
distinguishing factor.  I operate around 15 lists that are all somewhat 
related to internet research, and while they are all related, none of 
them can replace air-l.  AoIR even has an effort underway to catalogue 
and provide information about all related lists, this will build and 
strengthen the broader community that AoIR services(you can find 
information on that in the archives). I am also on many other lists and 
they all cover different topics related to internet research.  But there 
can be only one list for the Association of Internet Researchers, and 
that is this list.  The list and AoIR have a wide variety of rules 
already,  see: http://www.aoir.org/faq.html#Subscription  for 
information on the list and http://www.aoir.org for more information on 
AoIR.  In my opinion, someone might make a list that better fulfills a 
part of their vision of the internet research mission, but it will not 
be fulfilling the mission of AoIR, its members and community.

Of course, people can join the list and not join AoIR, that why the list 
is so great, it reaches out to the community of researchers:)  However, 
I encourage you all to join aoir if you are not already members. 
 Membership has its benefits:)  You can do so from: 


>  The issue isn't so much
>whether there should be rules but whether an internet researcher can find a
>list that better fulfills an internet research mission.
>With respect, Tom

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