[Air-l] advice requested regarding web archiving programs

Bunz, Ulla K ulla at ukans.edu
Sat Mar 9 17:32:46 PST 2002

For my dissertation research I used WebCopier, and was quite pleased with
it. You can download it for free at www.maximumsoft.com, and you get a trial
period of a month or so. After that, some of the functions cease working. I
never bought it, just downloaded what I needed within that time. But even if
you have to buy it, it's very cheap. If I remember correctly it costs less
than $50. Someone else in our department bought it based on my
recommendation and is happy with it.

The nice thing about WebCopier is that you can tell it how "deep" you want
to download. So, for example, if you have a website that is part of a larger
domain (i.e., a student website on the university server) you can choose
whether you want to download the entire domain, or just the student website.
You can also choose to download only a certain limit of memory size, or a
certain number of pages, whatever you want. The program is very easy to use,
and conveniently saves everything in one folder. Of course, it automatically
downloads all images, links (including external links), libraries, etc. Once
the sites/pages are downloaded, you can upload them on your own server or
just keep them on your harddrive. They are now static and won't change

So, yes, it served my purposes well, and I recommend it. Check it out and
see if it works for you.
Best of luck,
Ulla K. Bunz
University of Kansas
102 Bailey
Lawrence, KS 66045
ulla at ukans.edu

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I'm looking for a good program in order to download and
archive the sites.  WebRecord Research Pro Version 2.0 had been recommended
me, but it is no longer available.  

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