[Air-l] Moderator comment re my intervention.

Lachlan Brown lachlan at london.com
Wed Mar 13 19:32:48 PST 2002

Jeremy, Thanks for your note. And what appears to be a warning.

I am encouraged by responses and by 
coments from AoIR members as well
as people on other lists, people in the community, as well as colleagues. I 
in an thread concerning revision to
email archives, and a remarkable comment
by my former colleague Sean Cubitt.
'one day the world will mourn the loss of my juvenilia' in the context of the revision
of email archives.

It is refreshing to see a turnabout
in AoIR around questions of social inclusion
and it is clear that my intervention has
been successful to the degree that areas 
that should have been subject to research
are now being considered. There remain large
areas of internet not yet 
and there are some keys to what these may be in some of the posts since my intervention. I look forward to teasing reaction out further. 

What I am doing is necessary. I suggest you
help highlight abuses in scholarship and
in the industry otherwise people will wonder
what your motives are in not doing so.

I am hardly a 'newbie'. Did you read my introduction to AIR-L in January 2002?

Lachlan Brown

> you may want to refrain from doing the personal material via the list re 
> your last barry comment.  While i think doing it does satisfy a certain 
> point of theory, it also probably undermines the point of that theory, 
> the 'newbie' appearance... it causes people to ignore.  I am pretty sure 
> that you are against being ignored.
> jeremy hunsinger
> jhuns at vt.edu
> on the ibook
> www.cddc.vt.edu
> www.cddc.vt.edu/jeremy
> www.dromocracy.com


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