[Air-l] My intervention in AoIR

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Wed Mar 13 20:15:45 PST 2002



it was not a warning.  if you received a warning from me for any action 
involving systems I work with it would be very clear as to its intent 
and  it would probably first arrive in writing via the mail, most likely 
certified.   Below contrary to your intuition and portrayal is my 
attempt to help you in some manner to further your project.

what I was suggesting in my message, and which you so thankfully ignored 
is the insight that if you wish to act in a way that is intended to 
bring about some critical moment or to attain whatever your goals may 
be, that you try to do it in a manner that that minimally sustains your 
project.  For instance, a flagrant misappropriation of a helpful e-mail, 
which was offered to you personally, in most lists, would be considered 
a horrible breach of list etiquette, yet in your project you clearly, 
for no apparent reason, forgo such common understandings for a higher 
purpose.  Which, as I say below, seems to me to undermine your project 
and make it appear like it is being put forth by someone somewhat 
unfamiliar with the ways lists and the communities around them work, in 
other words a 'newbie'.  In most lists for such actions, you would be 
dropped in a kill-file until you demonstrated merits to do otherwise, 
but this is a list that entertains a plurality of voice and I think you 
should have your voice and be able to try to achieve your purpose.  A 
voice though, I'm sure you would agree, is only as powerful as those 

I remember precisely your introduction and while I believe that you have 
every intention of appropriate action.  I find it unconvincing that 
while you could have such a solid background in matters relating to the 
internet and culture that you cannot discern help from harm, nor proper 
usage from improper.  A list, Lachlan, is meant for the list, and an 
e-mail is meant to be e-mail.  If you wish to take this matter up 
further feel free to talk to others, because unlike the list, I do have 
a kill file in my e-mail and I have no problems using it.  If you want 
removed from it, you know what to do.

complaints regarding messages on this list pursuant to this can be 
logged to air-l-admin at aoir.org

people who would like advice as to how to set up a kill-file or similar 
apparatus for their system can contact me in the usual ways.
>>> you may want to refrain from doing the personal material via the list 
>>> re
>>> your last barry comment. While i think doing it does satisfy a certain
>>> point of theory, it also probably undermines the point of that theory,
>>> the 'newbie' appearance... it causes people to ignore. I am pretty 
>>> sure
>>> that you are against being ignored.
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