[Air-l] CGDC 2002 programme and registration opens

Frans Mäyrä frans.mayra at uta.fi
Thu Mar 14 03:20:33 PST 2002

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** Welcome to CGDC & the World of Games Research **

Computer Games and Digital Cultures conference is a three-day event bringing
together leading game professionals and academic research community. The
conference dates are June 6-8, 2002 and conference will take place in
Tampere, Finland. Conference keynotes are given by Warren Spector (Ion
Storm, USA), Greg Costikyan (Unplugged Games, USA) and Eric Zimmerman
(gameLab, USA). For more information, visit http://www.gamesconference.org/

The organising committee was pleasantly surprised by the amount and overall
quality of submissions. The accepted proposals have been organised into
eight sessions, including "Convergence and Games in New Platforms", "Meaning
and Rhetoric in Games", "Games as an Audiovisual Media", "Research of
Multi-User Games", "Play and Narrative in Games and Research", "Gaming
Cultures", "Directions of Games Design" and "Case: EverQuest". For the full
programme, see

The participants will receive printed Conference Proceedings, which includes
the full conference papers. A poster exhibition at the conference will
introduce more works of games research and development.

In addition, the first conference day will include workshops into the
design, research and educational issues of games. For information on the
workshop programme, see


The conference registration has now opened in the Computer Games and Digital
Cultures conference website; see

It is important to register early for the conference, as the amount of
participants is limited. Also, there will be other major events in Tampere
at the same time and it will most probably be hard to get accommodation
after April 30.

Computer Games and Digital Cultures conference is organised by the
Hypermedia Laboratory of University of Tampere, in co-operation with the
leading Nordic universities of the field and partners in the digital content
industry. The conference continues the series of international game studies
conferences opened by Computer Games and Digital Textualities in Copenhagen
in 2001.

Welcome to Tampere, and the world of games research!

Best regards,

-- Frans

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