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Charles Ess cmess at lib.drury.edu
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Dear all:

Dreyfus discusses the limitations of Web searching specifically in _On the
Internet_, ch. 1, esp. pp. 21ff.  He cites some Information Retrieval folk
who state that a ca. 30% retrieval rate (of all genuinely
relevant/meaningful documents) is the current wall for retrieval techniques.

I'm not sure if Dreyfus has looked at the proposals for the semantic web
closely - but he's been very clear (for many decades now - smile!) that
semantics in the strong sense of human meaning are beyond the reach of AI
(which apparently plays some role in this project in terms of making
intelligent - i.e., ostensibly meaningful - links between web pages).  Some
of his argument on this point is summarized in ch. 1 of _On the Internet_

It will at least be interesting to see what happens.  For my part, I take
the Nietzschean motto: Let us try it...


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> Hi
> Has anyone come across any material which takes a critical look at
> the social impact of the Semantic Web as envisaged by TIM
> BERNERS-LEE, et al.?
> http://www.sciam.com/2001/0501issue/0501berners-lee.html
> http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/
> http://www.semanticweb.org/
> Arthur
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