[Air-l] Coordinator Report: Privacy, Surveillance, and Security

Ellis Godard ellisgodard at starband.net
Thu Mar 14 12:06:45 PST 2002

There were only 10 submissions for Privacy, Surveillance, and Security. Nils
and I recommend accepting 1 panel (which was proposed as such) and 2 paper
sessions, and rejecting the one submission which did not have a title or
author (though for other reasons, of course). This leaves 3 strong events:

Privacy Perceptions:
	Attitudes Toward Internet Privacy - Matej
	Shifting Articulations of Internet Privacy - Gustafson
	Restricted Privacy...as culture-specific... - Ribak
	Privacy Perceptions and Online Practices - Ana, Clement, and Aspinal

Monitoring Practices
	Big Brother in Australia - Whitty
	The Work of Being Watched... - Andrejevic
	Online Privacy and Consumer Protection - Ferbank & Zizi
	Panopticon.com - Carlson and Campbell

Productive Surveillance (proposed as a panel)
	Using the Community to Sell - Fernback
	The Panoptic State - Elmer
	Space the Final Frontier - Andrejevic

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