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Susan [institutional affiliation? Lightspeed University perhaps?],
      I am returning to complete my Doctorate in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College after a period of research 
in the industry as well as a period of care for a dying parent. My research is 
undertaken part time within the constraints 
of work and family life, very much in the tradition of British Cultural Studies. I 
a history of the emergence of Intenret in culture and a cultural anthropology of this emergence. 

I ran the first web site devoted to broader cultural issues. It doubled (doubles) as a 
way in to research the field as well host institutions, with remarkable outcomes.

I am presently involved in a self-funding 
post internet research exercise to sharpen 
up my social science methodological skills. This involves
an empirical examination of the question:
'tragedy of the commons or a tragedy of capital' and is carried out among common resources that fluctuate over time. I have found that no tragedy of the commons occurs.

I like horseback riding (most weekends), impromtou skiing and winter fun,
winter activities in general, log rolling,
walks through the snowy woods, bracing winds, contemplating the many, many different patterns of snowflake, I like Russian women

I enjoy teaching, reading, writing, and revolution. A labour of love.
I have a fantastic daughter aged 10.

I live in Toronto, where I am implementing long term plans for commercial and public service online publishing with former colleagues and with new collaborators, and 
of course I spend time over in the UK.

I am single and I am looking, but I am very picky. Any pics, 'susan'?  hmmm... [I think this list needs a resource containing 
research interests and institutional locations of members and contributors, as well as a 
photo of each member. I mean, identity and
bodies kind of matter don't you think?].


Lachlan Brown 

Name: George Lachlan Brown 

Email: lachlan at london.com


Thirdnet Ltd - 1999-present


PhD candidate (part time) in Media and Communications, 1994 - (Completing in the Centre for Cultural Studies.)
Goldsmiths' College, University of London.
The Emergence of Internet in Culture,
locations of production, networks of distribution, contexts of reception.

Cultural implications of new media technologies in relation to the histories 
and structures of print. A focus in the political economy and social geography of distribution of knowledge. New publishing technologies. Issues of Cultural Production, Community, Circulation and Reception in collaborative hypermedia.
Supervisor: David Morley.

MA English Literature 1986 - 88.
University of New Brunswick, Canada.

BA (Hons.) First Class, 1982 - 85.
Alsager College of Higher Education.
Human Geography, English Literature and Writing.

Employment as Lecturer:

Lecturer, 1997 - 1998
Department of Innovation Studies,
University of East London
Maryland House
Manbey Park Road
London E15 

Visiting Lecturer, JMU, Liverpool, September 1996 - May 1997 School of Media, Critical 
and Creative Arts
Digital Cultures, Local and Global Cultures, Cultural Studies, Audiences, Media Histories, Reporting and the Reported, Persuasion and Propaganda, Theories of Spectatorship,.

Visiting Tutor, Media & Communications, Goldsmiths College, University of London. September 1994 - June 1996

Foundations of Communications, Music and Popular Culture, Media, History and Politics, Political Economy of Mass Media.

Employment as Editor:

Managing Editor, Between the Lines Press. Toronto, 1991 - 92.
Supervision of publishing programme with 
press whose list includes History, 
Development and Third World issues, Media 
and Cultural Politics. Liaison with authors,
 editors, co-publishers.

Managing Editor, Borderlines 1990 - 91.
Canadian cultural studies journal. 
Responsible for all aspects of production 
and editing. Initiation of projects. 
Liaison between editorial committees, typesetter/ designer, printer. Training 
of staff. 

Assistant Editor and Production Manager, 
C Magazine 1990.

Copy Editor, Public 1989 - 91.
Copy editing, scheduling production.


British Council Young Academic Research Programme, Canada, Summer 1996
Ontario Arts Council Writers' Reserve Grant 1992.
Commonwealth Scholarship (Canada) 1986 - 88.



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