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this involves
an empirical examination of the question:
'tragedy of the commons or a tragedy of capital' and is carried out
among common resources that
fluctuate over time. I have found that no tragedy of the commons occurs.

Tell us more please!


Lachlan Brown wrote:
> Susan [institutional affiliation? Lightspeed University perhaps?],
>       I am returning to complete my Doctorate in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College after a period of research
> in the industry as well as a period of care for a dying parent. My research is
> undertaken part time within the constraints
> of work and family life, very much in the tradition of British Cultural Studies. I
> have
> a history of the emergence of Intenret in culture and a cultural anthropology of this emergence.
> I ran the first web site devoted to broader cultural issues. It doubled (doubles) as a
> way in to research the field as well host institutions, with remarkable outcomes.
> I am presently involved in a self-funding
> post internet research exercise to sharpen
> up my social science methodological skills. This involves
> an empirical examination of the question:
> 'tragedy of the commons or a tragedy of capital' and is carried out among common resources that fluctuate over time. I have found that no tragedy of the commons occurs.
> I like horseback riding (most weekends), impromtou skiing and winter fun,
> winter activities in general, log rolling,
> walks through the snowy woods, bracing winds, contemplating the many, many different patterns of snowflake, I like Russian women
> presently.
> I enjoy teaching, reading, writing, and revolution. A labour of love.
> I have a fantastic daughter aged 10.
> I live in Toronto, where I am implementing long term plans for commercial and public service online publishing with former colleagues and with new collaborators, and
> of course I spend time over in the UK.
> I am single and I am looking, but I am very picky. Any pics, 'susan'?  hmmm... [I think this list needs a resource containing
> research interests and institutional locations of members and contributors, as well as a
> photo of each member. I mean, identity and
> bodies kind of matter don't you think?].
> Lachlan Brown
> Name: George Lachlan Brown
> Email: lachlan at london.com
> Employment:
> Director
> Thirdnet Ltd - 1999-present
> Education
> PhD candidate (part time) in Media and Communications, 1994 - (Completing in the Centre for Cultural Studies.)
> Goldsmiths' College, University of London.
> The Emergence of Internet in Culture,
> locations of production, networks of distribution, contexts of reception.
> Cultural implications of new media technologies in relation to the histories
> and structures of print. A focus in the political economy and social geography of distribution of knowledge. New publishing technologies. Issues of Cultural Production, Community, Circulation and Reception in collaborative hypermedia.
> Supervisor: David Morley.
> MA English Literature 1986 - 88.
> University of New Brunswick, Canada.
> BA (Hons.) First Class, 1982 - 85.
> Alsager College of Higher Education.
> Human Geography, English Literature and Writing.
> Employment as Lecturer:
> Lecturer, 1997 - 1998
> Department of Innovation Studies,
> University of East London
> Maryland House
> Manbey Park Road
> London E15
> Visiting Lecturer, JMU, Liverpool, September 1996 - May 1997 School of Media, Critical
> and Creative Arts
> Courses:
> Digital Cultures, Local and Global Cultures, Cultural Studies, Audiences, Media Histories, Reporting and the Reported, Persuasion and Propaganda, Theories of Spectatorship,.
> Visiting Tutor, Media & Communications, Goldsmiths College, University of London. September 1994 - June 1996
> Courses:
> Foundations of Communications, Music and Popular Culture, Media, History and Politics, Political Economy of Mass Media.
> Employment as Editor:
> Managing Editor, Between the Lines Press. Toronto, 1991 - 92.
> Supervision of publishing programme with
> press whose list includes History,
> Development and Third World issues, Media
> and Cultural Politics. Liaison with authors,
>  editors, co-publishers.
> Managing Editor, Borderlines 1990 - 91.
> Canadian cultural studies journal.
> Responsible for all aspects of production
> and editing. Initiation of projects.
> Liaison between editorial committees, typesetter/ designer, printer. Training
> of staff.
> Assistant Editor and Production Manager,
> C Magazine 1990.
> .
> Copy Editor, Public 1989 - 91.
> Copy editing, scheduling production.
> Awards:
> British Council Young Academic Research Programme, Canada, Summer 1996
> Ontario Arts Council Writers' Reserve Grant 1992.
> Commonwealth Scholarship (Canada) 1986 - 88.
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