Paolo Manzelli lre at unifi.it
Sat Mar 16 03:36:43 PST 2002


Speak of Paolo Manzelli <LRE at Unifi.it>
at the Congress Research & Education in Telematics .
University of Florence 14_March 2002.

Knowledge based economy requires more brain power creativity for improving a
radical cognitive shift, aiming to reply, with an innovative knowledge
management entrepreneurship, to the global changes in “Society&Economy Cultures”
all over the world. .

Everyone believe that human brain could change structurally and functionally as
a result  of learning and experience, so that we need to understand the way to
develop networking-learning strategies in telematics education that will be able
to give as result a better mental equipment for students to enrich brain power
creativity  Certainly the
growing of understanding of how the brain works, comes the opportunity to
increase brain power and flexibility as well as is a need of  the complex  &
global society in which we live.

The Laboratory of Education Research <LRE-EGO-CreaNET> of the University
of  Florence starting from the scientific observation of brain patterns
functions of cerebral cortex, is convinced that creativity power is strongly
connected with the increasing of integration processes of the specialized
functions of the brain.

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