[Air-l] trans-national diaspora networks

C. Courtright ccourtri at indiana.edu
Sat Mar 16 10:08:02 PST 2002

Barry & All,

I'm delighted there are others out there working on ICT use by
transnational and diasporic networks. I posted a similar request to this
list last September, and have completed a brief review of scholarly
literature on the topic, while continuing to collect mentions of such

It would be great if we could all hook up, either at a future AoIR
conference (a panel?) and/or off-list. I would be happy to keep track of us
for the time being. Any takers? Proposals for a mini-list? Sorry for the
belated reply, it's been Spring Break.

Christina Courtright
PhD student
SLIS-Indiana University
Mail: ccourtri at indiana.edu

Barry Wellman wrote:
> Folks,
> I'd be grateful if anyone could point me to their (or others') work about
> how the Internet links trans-national diasporic communities where some
> folks have migrated from the home country and others haven't. I'm mostly
> interested in email, but also Internet phone, web boards, Usenet, et al.
> En passant, the lovely Monsoon Wedding has some nice offhand references to
> this, as the families come from Houston, Dubai, etc. for a Delhi wedding.
> Pls reply to me personally, and I will then summarize for the list.
>  Barry

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