[Air-l] re: Lachlan's CV (or stepping OVER the line)

Nancy Baym nbaym at ku.edu
Sat Mar 16 12:36:48 PST 2002

Mary Gray writes:

>I'd like to ask the AIR members and
>leadership to rethink/reconsider our stand on guidelines for posting to this

Mary and others, the executive committee has been discussing this a 
lot lately, so don't feel your concerns have gone unnoticed. I think 
it's fair to say that if there is a consensus amongst list members 
that we need to create a new standard of guidelines and means of 
enforcing them, we are open to doing that. My preference has been to 
let the list speak first.

This list has been going for just under two and a half years and has 
grown from 14 members to over 1,000. It's reasonable to expect weird 
periods from time to time, and net scholars ought to figure out 
together how to get through them with the kind of list we want this 
to be intact.

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