[Air-l] re: Lachlan's CV (or stepping OVER the line)

A Halavais halavais at u.washington.edu
Sat Mar 16 14:06:59 PST 2002

As a dedicated lurker, I've been reluctant to add more grist to an already
overproducing mill. Two brief observations:

1. There is nothing wrong with a set of explicit guidelines, though I'm
not at all sure that is the main issue. The question remains how we as a
community (a majority?) wish to enforce these guidelines.

2. I hope we won't turn a molehill into a mountain. A great deal of
delete-worthy email has been found in responses to Mr. Brown's often
annoying (in my extraordinarily humble opinion) posts. Those responses are
rarely more enlightening. While Mr. Brown's emails can easily be
discarded (filtered), the discussion surrounding them cannot. I propose
that if some of the topics being raised are not of general interest for
discussion on the list, we stop discussing them.

I think the best short-term solution is to read selectively. I suspect we
all have daily email far into the hundreds of messages. I for one am
willing to spend the moment it takes to delete unwanted email, rather than
risk the potential chilling effects of moderation.

- Alex

> Mary and others, the executive committee has been discussing this a
> lot lately, so don't feel your concerns have gone unnoticed. I think
> it's fair to say that if there is a consensus amongst list members
> that we need to create a new standard of guidelines and means of
> enforcing them, we are open to doing that. My preference has been to
> let the list speak first.

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