[Air-l] Identiy and Internet

Denise Carter denise.argent at ntlworld.com
Sun Mar 17 15:04:27 PST 2002

Do these
> electronic records, incomplete as they are, constitute my professional
> identity?

Your thoughts on identity and internet first occurred to me a few months ago
when i read a posting concerning google searches, and i did a google search
of my own name which threw up some interesting items, such as my membership
of aoir and Anthropology In Action  ... but also a link to my home page
which I started about 10 months ago as a professional resume ..  I am close
to completing my PhD and a home page seems to be a requirement/advantage
when job hunting as I can immediately direct someone there ... also it
becomes a showcase for the IT skills (??)  that I have learnt along the way.
I regard it as a work in progress and yes.. it does constitute my
professional identity .. such as it is ... also I have my own domain name so
that as I change affiliations to different universities there will be a
space that is always mine.

Denise Carter
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