[Air-l] rurality and CMC

Mary L. Gray mlgray at ucsd.edu
Sun Mar 17 21:24:21 PST 2002

hello folks,

as long as i've been posting up a storm (for me anyhow), i thought i might
ask if anyone's been thinking about or knows work on rethinking U.S.
non-urban or rural spaces in relation to CMC? how has the notion of rurality
been affected by access and lack of access to the Net? are people in rural
sociology or other disciplines thinking about rurality differently because
of these technologies?

i'm guessing there's some pile of literature out there i just haven't run
across yet (but, it's right under my nose, yes?)

any thoughts/cites would be much appreciated.

Mary L. Gray <mlgray at ucsd.edu>
Department of Communication
University of California, San Diego
mail:   PO Box 4004, Louisville, KY 40204

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