[Air-l] Conference and research course in ethics and methodology

Janne Bromseth bromseth at uic.edu
Tue Mar 19 13:03:31 PST 2002

Dear collegues -
just an update on the conference and research course on ethical and
methodological perspectives on doing Internet-research that we are
arranging in Trondheim, Norway, 1. - 6. of June (the conference/workshop is
on the 1st and 2nd, and the research course from the 3rd to the 6th). The
events are in particular aimed at Nordic researchers and students, butof
course we warmly welcome everyone (and the conference language is English).
I'd highly appreaciate it if you would help me spread it around to people
who'd be interested in participating!
(May I also add that there will be opportunities to mingle with the
European royal elite - or oppose against it, whatever suits best - as our
princess will be marrying in Trondheim the same week-end..)

Thanks :)

All the best,
Janne Bromseth,


Making Common Ground: methodological and ethical challenges in Internet
research  A Nordic conferance and work-shop in Trondheim, Norway, June 1st
and 2nd 2002

The conference will gather primarily nordic researchers and students from
the humanistic and social scientific disciplines working with
internet-generated material, in order to enlighten and discuss the many
methodological and ethical challenges raised by researching the Internet.
The conference is also the first part of a graduate course 3. - 6. of June,
on Internet and ethics: (see
http://www.hf.ntnu.no/fil/anvendt_etikk/eng/internet_ethics.htm for course

The plenary lectures will adress theoretical and practical aspects the
ethical challenges posed by research in net-mediated contexts. Among the
questions to be discussed:

- When is it necessary to obtain consent for researching net-mediated group
interaction, and how can it be done?
- How can net-mediated spheres be defined: are they public or private, and
what methodological and ethical consequences do a certain definition imply?
- The ethics of internet research in a cross-cultural perspective
- Conflicts between methodology and ethics in internet research

The conference will provide a unique opprtunity for researchers engaged in
internet research to present and discuss their work. There will be
work-shops organised around a number of themes, based on the submitted
abstracts of presentations, for example:

- Online etnography and participant observation
- Conducting interviews and doing surveys online
- Documentary analysis: Studying web-archives and web-pages

For program, registration and practical information, see our web-page:

Deadline for submission on presentation proposal is April 15th.

Janne C.H.Bromseth
Department of Communication, UiC
1007 W Harrison St, Chicago,IL 60607
312-4135497 (w)  773-9290977 (h)
URL: http://www.hf.ntnu.no/itk/kv_bromseth/bromseth-index.htm

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