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Sandeep Krishnamurthy sandeep at u.washington.edu
Tue Mar 19 17:21:13 PST 2002


As many of you know, I am the author of a soon-to-be-released textbook-
"E-Commerce Management: Text and Cases".  Some of you may be interested to
know that we are offering the Amazon.com case that will be featured in the
book as a free download.  The case is a comprehensive business history of
the company including events up to Feb 2002(notably, the recent quarterly

To download the latest version of the case, please visit-
http://faculty.washington.edu/sandeep/textbook/Amazon.htm (If you are having
problems downloading the case, try this one-

This site now includes-
-The latest version of the case(in pdf format).
-A teaching note for instructors. This is presented as a password-protected
Word document to limit access to instructors only(the password is sandeep).
-Link to a public discussion of the case.  Please encourage your students to
use this. They can make up any username to post a message.

The book is coming along well and is expected to be out by July 2002.  To
see the final table of contents, please visit-
http://faculty.washington.edu/sandeep/textbook. Please leave your e-mail
address at the site to be included in the textbook's learning community.

Feel free to contact me with your comments and suggestions.


P.S.: You may also see this announcements on other lists.  Sorry for the


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