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Thu Mar 21 04:56:36 PST 2002

golly - looks like I've missed some real fun stuff (I think I got derailed
because of a bouncing account).

and who decides this "broad range" might i ask?


>My interest in the Internet is that it has been, is and gives the appearance
>of being a profoundly transformative technology.  Determining the nature of
>that transformation, its boundaries, its impacts and its limitations is for
>me a very significant task, both in its own right but also and perhaps most
>importantly because this can help us as teachers and as citizens influence
>and guide this development in socially meaningful and useful ways.
>To be useful in those areas, as "Internet Researchers" we must I think, be
>open to the broadest range of ideas (and not rush too soon to closure around
>what is meaningful or valuable) and we must be willing and able to use the
>full capacity of the Net to sustain and enable meaningful interactions
>across wide distances both physical and social.
>Mike Gurstein
>Michael Gurstein, Ph.D.
>(Visiting) Professor: School of Management
>New Jersey Institute of Technology
>Newark, NJ
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