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Thu Mar 21 10:55:17 PST 2002

I don't share this sense of unease. While I believe that there is room
for scholarly debate in many things, I felt that what Lachlan brought to
the table often fell beyond not only a level of debate, but sometimes a
level of basic understanding. 

One thing out of this that I find extremely interesting, though, is how
the online community governs itself? How does this governance work
through our collective perceptions of the community, and can online
communities "survive" without a structured model of governance?


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I share Robert's feelings of unease mainly for two reasons: freedom of
speech is more important to me than being exposed to some inappropriate
or even offensive comments, and secondly issues around process: what
_is_ the process for being kicked off the list? Is it a fair and
transparent process?

Monika Merkes

"robert m. tynes" wrote:
> I find it a bit troubling. I'm not sure exactly why, but I do have a
> reflections.

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