[Air-l] Re: Learning from Lachlan

Muraco one at muraco.org
Thu Mar 21 11:57:29 PST 2002

we should call this the complain about Lachan list...
another list goes to hell.....

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> >ps on trolls: Guillaume Latzko-Toth, who I think is still on this list,
> >gave an interesting paper at the Lawrence Kansas AIR which (iirc) talked
> >about the rise of software-agent trolls inside IRC, much more
> >sophisticated than the USENET agent-trolls which I think still roam to
> >fro.  A really neat topic for research: what happens when human and
> >non-human trolls interact, I wonder?  Do they?
> Yup. Kibo and Serdar Argic bumped metaphorical heads more than once, if I
> recall correctly.(Assuming you accept the definition of kibo as a troll,
> which is arguable either way.) Plus, there's the people who would mention
> "turkey" in posts deliberately to trigger Serdar, which would be a human
> troll using a bot as its trolling agent.
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