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The site http://livinginternet.com/ provides an extensive history of the Internet.  Developed over the last seven years, the site has been reviewed and benefited from the input of dozens of people who helped create the Internet, some of which have provided comments on the site listed here:
and copied below:

"Most interesting and ambitious."
Paul Baran, developer of packet switching.

"It looks great: simple, easy, correct! Great resource!"
Robert Cailliau, helped develop the world wide web.

"One of the most comprehensive sites devoted to the Internet and its history." 
Vinton Cerf, co-designer of the Internet protocol TCP/IP.

"Interesting and useful site! Excellent!"
Mark Horton, helped develop the Usenet.

"As the Internet continues its explosive growing into humankind's living global nervous system, your site will be all the more valuable to us as it clearly records the memories of our Internet origins."
Steve Kinzler, helped develop the Internet Oracle.

"Congratulations on a successful site. It is very well organized and easy to use."
Leonard Kleinrock, helped build the ARPANET.

"I really appreciate the trouble you've taken. Thank you so much for doing it correctly !-) "
Ted Nelson, discovered the concept of hypertext.

"Fair coverage of complicated history."
Dennis Ritchie, developed the C programming language.

"Nice job and reasonably balanced. Very professional."
Lawrence Roberts, ARPANET Program Manager.

"I spent about an hour roaming through your site (until my browser crashed) -- I enjoyed it, thank you."
Ken Thompson, led development of the Unix operating system.

"A great reference for people who want to get a concise and valid historical perspective on the evolution of the net as a whole."
Murray Turoff, created the first multi-machine chat system.

At 07:44 AM 3/21/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Can anyone share with me how many kinds of Internet Histories have been
>written, told, narrated - sources, citations etc? 
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