[Air-l] hmm, thinking about internet stories

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Thu Mar 21 17:00:52 PST 2002

being somewhat of an interpretivist( at times), i was sitting here last 
night considering the net.legends faq 
http://www.killfile.org/~tskirvin/faqs/legends.html and what it meant 
for the wider community of usenet, and then i thought about the tropes 
and narratives that so many of us use to illustrate our points, so I 
thought I'd open up the discussion a bit.  What do you use to illustrate 
your conceptualizations of the Net, some of us use classic examples like 
muds and moos, I tend to use Irc and web stories gained from my 
experiences, but have used the more acceptedly historical examples from 
time to time, but what do you use?   what stories make sense of the 
internet for you?  if any?  do you have any really good stories, I 
participate in the community memory list about the history of the 
internet at least as lurker, to find some of these stories, but surely 
there is a broader set or are we already tending toward a set of 
canonical stories?  opinions?  insights?  share your stories:)

jeremy hunsinger
jhuns at vt.edu
on the ibook

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