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Hi Antonio,
Thank you for your message, and thanks also
to all the other folks who wrote to me. For example, 
Martin told me that in Germany 
physicians are not allowed to do long distance 
diagnosis based on the patients' description of
the symptoms (via e-mail, for example). 

In other countries (remote areas of Australia, 
Canada, or Alaska) long distance medical
practice is a necessity and a reality, for example 
in cardiac patients monitoring.

How about Europe?
Antonio, do you know what policy or legislation is on
in your country, (Spain) in the health vs IT 
field (Internet, telemedicine, etc.)? 

Folks, does your (European) country regulate 
the area of health and IT? 

Non-European Folks: I 'll get back to you 
for comparative studies on policy!

Thank you!
Monica Murero

P.S.: By the way, the conference organization
is proceeding very well in Maastricht!

AoIR 2002 Conference web site: 

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 Hello Mónica:
 I am also very interested in the e-communities of health, my work field
 the groups of consumers of medications, in short (Prozac and
interest is centered in how these communities of supports serves like
 to homogenize the vision of the medication and of the illness.
I would like to know the documentation and to continue in contact to
you if I wish.

 Antonio Viedma
 Department Sociología I
 Madrid, Spain

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