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Ellis Godard godard at virginia.edu
Sat Mar 23 13:06:56 PST 2002

This one is a laugh riot! For only $22, the authors (who purport not only to
be "scientific" but also "experts", albeit without a shred of scienticity in
any claim or statement they make, via email or their webpage) guarantee to
rid your life of abuse and violence, forever! :-)

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We are Experts in the Science of Human Behaviors, with a combined
84 years of State of California university education and practical

Our mission is to coach individuals and organizations on how they can
permanently eliminate all abuse and violence from their homes, schools
and workplaces.

Hard to believe that is possible? We agree, -it is hard to believe.

However, we will conclusively prove to you, -every literate person can learn
to do just that, and do so within a very few hours.

Please click on http://howtokillviolence.com for further information.

Thank you, SEM and JDM.

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