[Air-l] noticing language skills

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Sun Mar 24 08:35:31 PST 2002

has anyone noticed an increase in foreign language reading comprehension 
skills in intensive web users?  I think I see this to some extent within 
my person experience and my experience with students.. I would say that 
there is probably a good deal of data out there that correlates exposure 
to foreign languages to gained skill in those languages in teaching 
environments, i just haven't hit ERIC for this yet.  

It may be that it is more profound here(@VT) because students have an 
undergraduate language requirement, but I'd be interested in other 
people's experiences and insights.  For me, if I can find more evidence, 
I might be more likely to make some of the work of my students more 
language intensive.  but other than that, I probably won't have time to 
explore the implications of this if it is occuring other than in perhaps 
the political contexts of unification and globalization , so has anyone 
else noticed this? any citations out there relating to the internet?  

surely it is possible that this is occuring, and if it does, then it has 
certain implications for globalization, etc. because it demonstrates 
perhaps a pluralism as opposed to the more normally assumed functions of 
imperialist globalization.

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