[Air-l] looking for some leads

Mary L. Gray mgray at weber.ucsd.edu
Wed Mar 27 14:53:45 PST 2002

hi sarah  : )

i did a lit review of online community studies for one of my orals papers
with a specific focus on studies of glbt identities/communities. feel free
to email me for a copy of the bibliography (and i'd be glad to pass this
biblio on to anyone interested).

there's really not that much that's been done..although it's a growing area
of research. 

welcome to the discussion here.

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> From: Sarah Hendrica Bickerton <sarah_hendrica at yahoo.com>
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> Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 13:22:33 -0600
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> Subject: [Air-l] looking for some leads
> Hi everyone,
> I suppose I should introduce myself before asking for help, as I just
> joined the list =)
> My name is Sarah Bickerton and I am a PhD student in the Sociology
> Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago, working a bit under
> Steve Jones in the Department of Communication here. I did my
> undergraduate study at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New
> Zealand, where I did physics and sociology with dabbles in computer
> science before doing my MA thesis in sociology on articulations of
> embodiment in an online community. My research interests are
> qualitative, namely gender, sexuality, politics, poststructural identity
> work, with an overarching focus on online social interaction (hence
> Steve getting me to subscribe to the list).
> Okays, now that I have that done, on to the help asking *smile*
> I am trying to put together a literature review on research of gay and
> lesbian
> experiences online for my PhD dissertation that I am starting soon on if
> coming out as gay or lesbian online alter's one's conceptions of those
> identities. However, I am coming up shallow on material for the lit
> review, which bodes well for my research later, but hardly well for the
> review.
> This is most probably because of not looking in the right places. As
> such I was just wondering if any of you could point me in the direction
> of places to go look for research done on gay and lesbian experiences
> online? Any databases, etc that you can think of, or articles that you
> know of. I would really appreciate any assistance at all that anyone
> could provide.
> Here's to joining the list.
> thanks,
> Sarah
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