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I have some data that I accumulated as I assisted an International
grad student seminar in 1996 (Do a Google on "dj50").  The seminar was
run from the University of Duisburg and Keio University in Tokyo with
English as the language of dialog.  Part of the seminar used a
web-based annotation tool to comment publically on sections of the
text of position papers.  The only interesting finding was that the
students in Japan did not make a single annotation while the students
in Germany made about 50.  Clearly there was some culturally based
reluctance to criticize in public.

Lokman Tsui wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if anybody knows of any
> prior research / literature about intercultural
> communication mediated over the internet
> or other electronic media, in specific between
> the west and asia.
> i came across the following:
> Ma, Ringo, ¡§Computer-Mediated Conversations as a New Dimension of
> Intercultural Communication between East Asian and North American College
> Students,¡¨ in Susan C. Herring (ed.), Computer-Mediated Communication:
> Linguistic, Social and Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Amsterdam, Philadelphia:
> John Benjamins Publishing Company, 1996. pp.173-185.
> regards,
> Lokman Tsui
> National Taiwan University / Leiden University
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