[Air-l] Intercultural communication

David Palfreyman David.Palfreyman at zu.ac.ae
Sun Mar 31 20:00:39 PST 2002

Re Charles's post, the URL of CATAC '02 is http://www.it.murdoch.edu.au/~sudweeks/catac02/.  As I remember, the proceedings of CATAC '98 focused on macro issues of information systems and national cultures.  Personally, I would look forward at the CATAC '02 to more focus on particular intercultural interactions and the part which culture and online communication play in them - which I think was more what Lokman Tsui was asking about...?
As far as I know there is a lack of research in this area.  The only possibly relevant reference I can offer I think is
Ebrahim, ZT (2001) Are Pakistani Women on the Road to Information Technology?  Retrieved 10 February 2002 from http://www.dawn.com/events/infotech/it16.htm.


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