[Air-l] My intervention in AoIR

Matthew Allen M.Allen at exchange.curtin.edu.au
Wed Mar 13 20:56:08 PST 2002

Dear all
Lachlan wrote:
"I am encouraged by responses and by coments from AoIR members as well 
as people on other lists, people in the community, as well as colleagues.
It is refreshing to see a turnabout in AoIR around questions of social
inclusion and it is clear that my intervention has been successful to the
degree that areas that should have been subject to research are now being
considered. There remain large areas of internet not yet referenced 
and there are some keys to what these may be in some of the posts since
my intervention. I look forward to teasing reaction out further."

My apologies, I have completely missed Lachlan's intervention and the
turnaround in AoIR that it generated.  I've been too busy researching,
educating ppl, administering programs, recruiting students, organising

Could someone please provide me (not the list) with a concise summary of
what's happened since I won't have time to go through the substantial
archive of messages that, until now, I've had to delete without reading.

Many thanks
Matthew Allen

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