[Air-l] ethics of 'net discourse research

david_eddy_spicer at harvard.edu david_eddy_spicer at harvard.edu
Fri May 3 10:52:47 PDT 2002

I'm new to the list, and I'm sure this question has come up before. I'm
interested in articles that elaborate ethical guidelines for doing
naturalistic studies of online discussions.

The one very helpful piece I've found so far is Barbara Sharf's chapter in
_Internet Research_: "Beyond netiquette: the ethics of doing naturalistic
discourse research on the internet". What other sources would you
recommend, either in print or on the web?

Please reply to me directly at the address below. I'll compile whatever
information I get and post it back to the list.

My thanks,


david_eddy_spicer at harvard.edu

Doctoral Candidate
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Cambridge, Mass.

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