[Air-l] Call For Papers: SCI 2002 - Cybergeographies

Paul Bevan ppb98 at aber.ac.uk
Wed May 8 08:16:20 PDT 2002

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Invited Session at The 6th World Multi Conference On Systemics, Cybernetics
And Informatics (SCI 2002)

July 14 - 18, 2002

Sheraton World, Orlando, Florida, USA
Organisers: P. Bevan and D. Dixon

We would like to invite papers for this session at SCI 2002 on the theme of
“cybergeographies”. The aim of SCI 2002 (http://www.iiis.org/sci2002/) is to
promote discussion and interaction between researchers and practitioners
focused on disciplines as well as business and recreational groups.

This invited session will highlight the varied contributions geographers
(and geographical concepts) are continuing to make to the study of
cyberspace, focusing on following themes:


These themes are not intended to be thoroughly comprehensive, merely
suggestive and we would welcome any abstracts centred around

I. The Production of Cyberspace
1. Uneven development of the technologies, financial networks and the
skills required for the production of cyberspace.
2. The political and economic context within which particular cyberspace
projects are conceived and developed.
3. The individual as cyberspace producer: locating, orientating and
embedding oneself within the structures of cyberspaces
4. Public, private, bizarre and dull: the diversity of webscapes

II. Imaginative Cyberspaces/places
1. Critical taxonomies and cartographies of cyberspace
2. Discourses (metaphoric, allegoric, synechdic, ironic, material and
virtual) of cyberspace, within and without the internet.
3. The creation, maintenance and transformation of particular cyberplaces
4. Remaining/becoming oneself: Identity (trans)formation in the age of the

III. The Consumption of Cyberspace
1. Uniform norms and their accompanying transgressions
2. Locating the cyborg in transmaterial spaces
3. Utilizing cyberspace within individual and group projects
4. Realising the virtual: Physical manifestations of virtuality

IV. Flowers amid the cyborgs: Nature and Cyberspace
1. The emergence of a 'third nature' through cyberspace, and the
ramifications thereof for 'second nature'
2. The unfolding of new bio-technologies of the body through cyberspace,
such as the Genome Project and telemedicine.
3. Designing nature, from climate models to MUDs
4. The role of cyberspace in the promulgation of anti-capitalist,
environmental discourses.


Abstracts of 300-400 words should be sent to Paul Bevan at ppb98 at aber.ac.uk
by May 15 2002.

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