[Air-l] Kids and porn content : also a "pull problem" ?

Serge Courrier serge.courrier at pobox.com
Wed May 15 08:16:30 PDT 2002

Last year, an interessant study from Netvalue assumed that 20 % of cyberkids
visited pronography sites.

Without ignoring the horror of cyberpedophilia and traumatisms potentially
caused by porn contents on kids, I would like to know if you ever heared of
studies suggesting that porn content accessed by kids through Internet is
not only a "push problem" (bad people trying to pervert youngsters), but is
also a "pull problem" (kids searching for porn).

So porn content could be seen as an educational problem, not only a security
or legal problem.

Any comments or URLs ?

Best regards


Serge Courrier
Internet section editor

Psychologies magazine
Science & Vie

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