[Air-l] CFP - Workshop on Agent Technologies for e-Services (ATES 2002)

Simeon J. Simoff simeon at it.uts.edu.au
Sun May 19 17:38:56 PDT 2002

**Call for Papers**

Workshop on Agent Technologies for e-Services ATES 2002

to be held in conjunction with Net.ObjectDays 2002 (NODe 2002)
October 7-10, 2002, Erfurt, Germany

Workshop Chair
Dr. Ryszard Kowalczyk
CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences, Australia
(ryszard.kowalczyk at csiro.au)

The aim of the workshop is to explore and promote the use of software agent
technologies for e-services including automation support for dynamic and
collaborative discovery, creation, composition, execution, delivery,
monitoring and management of e-services.

Topics of the Workshop

The topics of the workshop include (but are not restricted to) the following

* Agents for customer profiling and identification of needs for e-services
* E-service modeling and description (e.g. agent-based workflow, ontology,
semantic web)
* Agent communication and interactions in e-services (e.g. ACL, protocols)
* Agent-based e-service discovery and selection (e.g. search, filtering,
brokering, matching)
* Agents for e-service creation, composition and integration (e.g.
generation, coordination, collaboration, interoperability)
* Agent-mediated e-service contracting (e.g. RFQ, auctions, negotiations,
* Agents-based e-service execution and delivery (e.g. direct, ASP,
e-portals, mobile, wireless)
* Agents for e-service monitoring, control and management
* Quality of e-services (e.g. agents for evaluation, analysis and assurance
of QoS)
* Agent-related e-service security, privacy and legal aspects
* Agent-based platforms, infrastructure and systems for e-services
* Agent-based e-service applications (e.g. in e-Commerce, e-Business,
e-Government, e-Health, e-Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Customer
Relation Management, Virtual Enterprises, networked and portable information
appliances, mobile devices, multimedia e-services, etc)

For more information, please contact the workshop chair. Further information
on ATES'2002 and NODe'2002 is also available at
http://www.cmis.csiro.au/ATES2002 and http://www.netobjectdays.org .

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