[Air-l] case studies of mailinglists

geert lovink geert at desk.nl
Wed May 22 19:23:21 PDT 2002

Dear Air-l,

for my PhD at the University of Melbourne I have recently written a few case
studies of mailinglist communities. Now I am winding up this project and for
the introduction and conclusion I would like to refer to a few similar case
studies, but I can't find all that many of them. Does anyone have a
suggestion? It could be studies about virtual communities but that's perhaps
a bit too broad. I am in particularly interested in internal dynamics and
issues of sustainability. Any reference is most welcome.

BTW. I do like the (new) afterword Howard Rheingold wrote for his Virtual
Community book which MIT Press reprinted recently. I am not sure how
welknown this text is. It's a good and honest reassessment of his passions.


Geert Lovink (Sydney)

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